Hilthom is a business to business services company operating from the Dubai Maritime City and specializes in Ecological Lake Management.
We manage Community Lakes, Irrigation Lakes, Sea Water Lagoons, Ground Water Lakes and TSE Ponds. Our preventative management & maintenance program is completely environmentally safe. Completely abolishing the need for any chemical additives, our holistic approach assures continuous prevention of:

  • Sick Lake Syndrome
  • Water-borne nuisance insects
  • Problems arising from algal bloo
  • Internal Nutrient Loading from organic sludge
  • Depleting levels of Dissolved Oxygen

Lakes under our management are a pleasure to look at and to leisure around even if the water source is Treated Sewage Effluent in the event of irrigation reservoirs.
We also provide advice on design and construction of Lakes from the perspective of maintenance and life-cycle costing.

Please contact us if you would like more information or any inquiry.

Phone: +971(0)50 5535882

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